Identity document or valid passport. Photocopies will not be accepted.

To be over 18 years old.

Current driving license (from Uruguay or foreign country). It is not necessary international license. Photocopies will not be accepted.

Seniority of the driving license: No seniority is required in the driving license. Although for those under 23 years and / or less than 2 years old in the driving license, the guarantee deposit is increased by 50%. However the cost of the rental is not increased.

GUARANTEE OR DEDUCTIBLE. With credit card (national or international). The guarantee deposit in cash or debit card is not accepted. The deductible is the value up to which the customer is responsible in case of a claim as long as he is responsible or the claim against third parties is not viable. All our vehicles are insured with the State Insurance Bank (Banco de Seguros del Estado - BSE). This insurance includes the maximum civil liability for physical damage to third parties.

DEPOSIT OF GUARANTEE FOR EACH CAR: Variable according to the chosen model:

- U$S 1.000: Suzuki Alto, VW Gol Hatch, VW Up, Fiat Mobi, Fiat Fiorino Van

- U$S 1.200: VW Gol Sedan

- U$S 2.000: Automatic models: VW Polo Sedan, Nissan Versa Sedan.

Credit Cards Accepted: VISA, Master Card, American Express.

MODALITIES OF PAYMENT OF THE RENT: Credit, debit or cash cards, not suffering variation the price of the rent according to the modality of payment (Uruguayan pesos or American dollars).

REDUCED SECURITY DEPOSIT WITH CREDIT CARD (NO DEBIT). If you want a guarantee deposit with a reduction of 50% according to the categories indicated above, you would have an additional cost of renting U$S5 per day, for all the categories of the cars.

GUARANTEE DEPOSIT WITH ZERO DEDUCTIBLE. Our company does not allow to rent with this modality.

GAS: All our vehicles are delivered with at least 1/4 of the fuel tank full. The fuel level will be stated in the contract you will sign. When returning your vehicle the fuel level must be similar. Otherwise, extra charges may apply.

Uruguayan Taxes (VAT: 22%).
Minimum rent 1 day. For one day rent: 150 km free. Two days: 300 km free (Extra Km: U$S 0.25). Three or more days of rent: Unlimited mileage.
Minimum rent for delivery and drop off at airport: 5 days
Pay rental: The rental payment can be cash, credit or debit cards, not suffering any variation according to the method of payment.
All-risk insurance: In case of accident, the client is liable for not more than the total amount of the Insurance Deductible.
Up to 3 persons authorized to drive without any additional charge.
The vehicles are not allowed to leave the borders of Uruguay. Restrictions and customs regulations forbid any of our vehicles from leaving Uruguay.
In our Commercial Offices: La Paz 1319 between Ejido and Yaguarón. Business hours: Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 19:00. Saturdays from 09:00 AM to 1:00 PM.
By electronic mail: mvdrentacar@gmail.com
From the 24-hour online booking form
By telephone (from Uruguay during business hours): 2929 2928 / 2929 1366
By telephone (from Uruguay 24 hours): 094 424 600
By telephone (from outside during business hours): 598 2929 2928 / 598 2929 1366
By telephone (from outside 24 hours): 598 94 424 600

24 HOURS ASSISTANCE in 365 days of the year at the mobile phone (+598) 94 424 600.

Up to 3 people allowed to drive at no additional charge.

FOR RESIDENTS IN URUGUAY: Payment plans in installments with credit cards. Discount of 9 VAT points for payment with credit or debit cards.

FOR FOREIGNERS AND/OR URUGUAYANS LIVING ABROAD. Discount of 9 points of VAT for payment with credit or debit cards.

Pick-up and Drop-off in Airport of Montevideo (Carrasco), port of Montevideo and Bus Terminal of Montevideo (Tres Cruces) with additional cost.

Delivery and return at Central Offices: No additional cost during business hours. Outside business hours, with additional cost.

It is only allowed to return the car in Montevideo city (or Airport of Carrasco). Unable to return or deliver another city in Uruguay (ex. Punta del Este or Colonia).

Delivery of buster or baby chair (with or without ISOFIX): Daily cost: US$ 3 VAT included..

Garmin GPS. Additional daily cost U$S 5 VAT included.